Common Sense

Thomas Paine

On January 10, 1776, 235 years ago today, Thomas Paine published anonymously the pamphlet Common Sense

Besides other terrific stuff, he said in the pamphlet:

Yet, as the domestic tranquillity of a nation, depends greatly on the chastity of what might properly be called NATIONAL MANNERS, it is often better to pass some things over in silent disdain, than to make use of such new methods of dislike, as might introduce the least innovation on that guardian of our peace and safety.

“National Manners” is not a new concept but one we seem to have abandoned.  Indeed, Mr. Paine, these are the times that try men’s souls.

If you have not read Paine’s masterpiece, it is available online in it’s entirety.

3 thoughts on “Common Sense

    • It felt more like last month to me perhaps because when Tommy was penning the first draft, he kept asking me how to spell stuff. His accent was thick and he’d ask how to spell something or other and I’d answer, “What do unicorns have to do with separation from King George? For all his insistence on civility, he could get testy when misunderstood. Plus, I think his constant second-guessing of how he spelled words inflamed his spleen. Out of desperation, I headed over to Betsy’s house as she’d offered to teach me embroidery. Piddling around with thread can make time pass ever so slow. Anyway.

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