Everything Old is New Again


I spent my moody teens (and one memorable night at the Charleston Holiday Inn) mooning over Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  Nutrocker was my favorite Christmas music for a long time. Even now, I use it when I need to speed-clean the house.

Nutrocker was Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s nod to the Christmas season.  The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is performing the piece.  I keep reading that Emerson, Lake and Palmer was one of their major influences.  I’d say so.  While the quality of the video leaves a lot to be desired, it is immensely better than any of the clips I could find of ELP performing.

Y’all are probably more familiar with TSO for the following:

So, I “discovered” the Trans-Siberian Orchestra a year or so ago.  Everything old is new again.  It looks like I can spend my moody menopausal years mooning over TSO.  At the moment, I’m pondering plunking down some significant cash to see the spectacle that is TSO’s Winter Tour.  [I’ve always been a sucker for a good spectacle.]

Happy Whatever You Celebrate, Y’all


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