The Little Tree is (finally) up.

It’s been standing in the family room since just after Thanksgiving, but I finally finished it today.  Of course, I never expected to do the whole flippin’ thing myself.  The tree is new, because the old tree had become much too small.  This one is none too big and, in fact, may be on the too-small side.  It’s decorated with all the ornaments that Chef Boy ‘R Mine made or loved plus some that delighted me as a child plus some that delight my inner child.

One thought on “The Little Tree is (finally) up.

  1. It makes me want to pretend we’re playing Fish: Give me all your Red Queens. I wasn’t going to decorate and then I got a pretty wreath but before long, it’s suction hook came off the mirror (one year that happened and completely crash and burned my nativity statues so this time there was only a card under it on the mantle) and now it’s hanging on the fireplace tools. It’s amazing if doesn’t get peed on as a shrub down there…

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