Long, Uninterrupted Stretches of Time

This guy speaks cogently about a long-time wish of mine – long, uninterrupted stretches of time to get stuff done.  My inner adult and inner child are squabbling at this very moment trying to force me off this sofa to get ready to go to work.  I have a daunting to-do list including a fair amont of creative type stuff.  Tomorrow morning, the to-do list will include everything that’s on it now, plus some more stuff.  This will continue.  Finally, a crisis will arise and there I’ll be, off the clock late in the evening, finally getting something done.

This speech was not a revelation TO ME.  If my time is fragmented, so is my work and I end up with pieces hither and yon.  I sit down down to try and aggregate them and I’m interrupted yet again.  I’ve never been able to explain to folks that when that happens, I have to rewind and start over.  While being taking to task for having not completed a creative project, I explained I needed an uninterrupted stretch of time.  The response:  “Well, we know that’s not going to happen.”

Yes.  Yes, we do.


3 thoughts on “Long, Uninterrupted Stretches of Time

  1. Sometimes I have those stretches, and what happens? I mess around, doing a little of this and that. It takes a long time to actually focus, at least for me. But Connie, we’re through most of this terrible, no-good, very-bad month, and that is something to celebrate. I. Hate. July. Officially.

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