COVID-19 Social Distancing: Day 1

I’m camped out in this room. It’s the cleanest and most orderly. I can delude myself about the rest of the house.

Today I officially started physically distancing myself from my fellow humans.  While I should have been cleaning the house and doing laundry, I have, instead, camped out on social media talking to anyone who will talk to me.

I’m a homebody, but if you tell me I have to stay home, I will be perverse and desire to go out.  I think it’s human nature.  We want what we’re told we can’t have.  I have a burning desire to go to the grocery store and take a photo of the empty toilet paper aisle.  Seems it’s all the rage.  That and get ice cream.

I’m really craving ice cream.

As far as I know, I will still be going to work.  I do plan on staying in my office and wielding a can of Lysol.  Not that I have any Lysol.  And not that there’s any Lysol to be had.  My mother is high-risk for the disease and it’s my goal to keep her uninfected.  It’s literally life and death.  I will find Lysol.

I am not making light of this situation.  I am just trying to have some fun with it.  This is serious shit and I believe we’re in for some real misery.  Be kind to one another and wash your hands.

Connie, in exile for the good of the realm

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Social Distancing: Day 1

  1. I would actually look forward to staying indoors and away from people for 2 or 3 weeks..but i have kids to watch as the waco and surrounding towns, west included are I’m watching the kids..worrying they will shut down meals on wheels..and worrying about there the kids are going to go without mom and dad at home..fuck..have fun..I love that room..

    • I don’t mind the idea of a few weeks at home, but so far my boss doesn’t seem inclined to go in that direction. We’ll see how things play out. JS? I worry about you. You’re in the high-risk category. You need to not be galivanting quite so much. That was said with love. Love, Connie

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