COVID-19 Day 6: In such a rush that….

I’m discovering that I’m not cut out to work from home.  Since most of my officemates are working from home, I feel like I can safely go to my office (I have a private one) and spray Lysol everywhere and be OK.  Those of us working — 6 or so, — are keeping our distance and practicing safe socialization.

We’ll see how this goes.  For how long.

But this morning, I was excited at the idea of being around folks.  I was in such a hurry that I left without my work materials and had to return home to get them.  When I did finally get to the office, I promptly locked my work materials, purse, keys, and phone in the car.  A $100 later, Glenn, the friendly neighborhood locksmith, freed me.   That was a $100 I really didn’t have.  Hoo boy.  On top of all the groceries I bought, it’s going to be a lean two weeks.


It’s been a day.  But it was good to have one that was at least a little normal.

Not that it was all that normal.  My book club did, after all, meet via Zoom.  We are taking this social distancing thing seriously.  We have loved ones we are protecting.

My hands are chapped from washing, I’m taking my lunch as are my lunch partners, and the office has tumbleweeds blowing around, but it’s more normal than trying to work from here.  As long as I think it’s safe, I think this is my plan.

Happy sequestration folks!

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