COVID-19: Day 8 Part 2

Yes, I think this is going to be one of those historical lines in the sand. That was then, this is now. So, I blew the dust off my blog and am posting daily journal entries. I think we’re in for a wild ride — right now the bicycle is just wobbling but I think we’ll be into full-blown careening before long.  — A comment I made on a Facebook post.

I just turned the governor off.  Rumor was rampant that he was going to close the state.  It sounded to me as if he’s leaning that way, but not there yet.  Instead, he exhorted us all to work from home if we could, wash our hands. and encourage others to take this seriously.

I’m taking it seriously.

I truly believe that this is one of those moments in history where we date things before and after.  Pre-9/11, Post 9/11.  Pre-World War II, post war….  Etc.

I’m emotionally worn out.  And eating potato soup with dumplings.  I’ve had Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit on mute all day and Alexa blaring music of my choice.  I’m full-blow A.D.D.

This too shall pass.


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