COVID-19: Day 9 I’m a slug and an artist-in-residence (or artiste!)

brown slug on coral

Photo by Tom Fisk on

I’ve been a slug today.  I have done nothing of any import.  I have eaten multiple times.  I have danced with the puppies.  I have stalked Facebook.

An aside:  I moved a Milwaukee boy down here and was present when he encountered his first slug.  Now it was a really big slug, but still.  He was a really big guy.  Anyway.  I heard bellowing from the downstairs.  I rushed out of the bath and down the stairs to find The Ex cowered with my infant son pointing at a slug and its slimy trail on the  carpet.  He was terrified.  Horrified and lots of –fieds.  I was amused.  He was not.

Tomorrow, I go into the office to pack up my PC and files to bring home.  Call it a hunch, but I think West Virginia will be ordered to stay home very soon.  I need to be ready.

I did run across an amusing meme today.  I am Connie, the artiste-in-residence at The Barn of W. Va. Fur & Root.  Namaste, y’all.

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