COVID-19: Day 19: Another Acceptance

Today was a long day.  Every minute seemed an hour and the work I was doing was just not engaging my brain.  I checked my personal email and discovered that I had been accepted to read for the Writing Conference of Northern Appalachia’s Facebook Live readings.

I’ll be reading The Plum on April 27th at 8 p.m.  Details to follow.

I’m excited and nervous.  This reading is via Facebook and a laptop camera.  I’m sure to have 17 chins and look like death warmed over.  I don’t video well.  Not in the least.

But I’m honored to be a part of this.  It certainly livened up my day.

I’ve now found a home for all my orphan writings that I think needed one.   It is time to write something new.  I’m finding that hard.  I have the attention span of a gnat.   I keep reading various articles in the vein of What To Do With Yourself While Quarantining.  Most stress not to expect too much of yourself.  Most of us grieving in some fashion and there’s a period of adjustment that we need to go through.

However, I’m desperate to find equilibrium.  I’m getting there.  My daily schedule helps.  Talking to friends and family helps.  And blogging helps.  Thanks for reading.  OH!  And please comment.  I love comments!


2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Day 19: Another Acceptance

  1. Write on. Try not to lay expectations on yourself. Do make time daily just to stare at whatever palette you use to create drafts. Make friends with meeting that palette daily, possibly at the same time every day. If one day you come up with a dipthong or subjunctive clause, so be it. The next day may be a poem or a fluid riff. Writing is like pushups. You can’t do 20 went first you start doing them. PS: I have NO idea what I am talking about, just so you know. But this all SOUNDED so wise. Just do the write stuff.

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