COVID-19: Day 33, 34 and 35


Nothing to say.

Nothing going on.

It’s technically the weekend and I’m going to clean house.  I may go foraging for lettuce and other produce, bread and milk tomorrow.

There could be 6 more weeks of this.  Six.  More.  Weeks.

They’re talking about opening up the country.  My goodness.  We’re nowhere near ready t do that.  At the very least, we need widescale testing before that happens.  I am very worried about what passes for leadership in this country.


2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Day 33, 34 and 35

  1. Maybe it’s time to take a drive out to the Jenkins plantation and that beautiful marsh? I’ve been thinking about doing that. Or just a drive anywhere, really! But seems pointless, esp since we can’t stop anywhere.

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