What Needs Saying. . .

img_3419Last summer, you may recall that I was in all a dither getting ready to go to Spain where Chef Boy ‘R Mine (real name Jeremy) was to marry The World’s Best Daughter-in-Law (real name Vanessa) in a destination wedding on the island of Ibiza.  It was a fairytale wedding.  It was, by far, the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

Jeremy and Vanessa met on Match.com and they live in Atlanta.

They dated for quite a while before I met Vanessa.  I finally got to meet her 4th of July weekend in 2017.   Like Jeremy, I was instantly in love with her.  She is one of those genuinely kind people that is always gracious.  Always.  She is also Black, from what Trump referred to as a shit-hole country — Haiti.

Atlanta was under curfew last night.  With the National Guard.

I expressed my worry.  With the arrogance of youth, he tried to assure me.

I told him that I’m the mom and I have to worry.

I will worry.

I will worry even more when there are grandchildren.

Please watch the video below.  Please.  Watch all of it.  And repost it.  This is a wise woman and she speaks truth.


The whole article about this protest march and T. C. Clemons can be found here. 

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