COVID-19: Day 23: A Day of Rest


I have a bottle of Korbel Brut left over from Valentine’s Day in my refrigerator.  I’m going to pop it open when this quarantine is over.  Cheers to us all!

I haven’t exactly been busting my butt during this quarantine, but I gave myself permission to do diddly squat today.  Other than to make French toast and bacon, that’s exactly what I did.

I was a sloth, a slug and a slumberer.  I had 3 naps.  Long naps.  I slept most of the day.  I’m apt to be up all night.  I figured it was inevitable during this quarantine that I would get my days and nights mixed up, so I’m probably right on schedule.

I am still without WiFi.  I’m living through it, but it’s not pretty.  Much like this quarantine, it is completely disrupting the rhythm of my day.  Because the only machine that can reach the outside world is on the 2nd floor of my house and the coffee pot and wine are on the first floor of the house, I am up and down the stairs a gazillion times a day.

The phone has short, very short, periods where it can get a signal long enough to pull in a text message or two.  I am usually unable to answer before the connection is lost.  My friends probably think I'[m not speaking to them.  Alas.  There is nothing I’d rather do.  I love where I live, but not being able to get a cell signal most of the time is aggravating.  And the primary reason I still have a landline.

The landline works.  I tried to call my mom.  It seems her phone was out of order.  Technology is going to both be my savior and my downfall.

Here’s to Day 23.  Cheers!

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