COVID-19: Day 24: Working from Home

This working from home thing is not easy for me.  On the best of days, I’m easily distracted and these are not the best of days

I’ve holed up in my office.  I have my work computer and many of my paper files.   I don’t have post-it notes.  How do people work without post-it notes?  I’ve got notes scribbled everywhere with no rhyme or reason.  I can’t line up my stickies on the side of my desk like I’m used to because there are none.

And it’s my fault.   I went into the office today to water the plants and get some other stuff I need, but I forgot the post-its.  I can’t justify a trip for just post-it notes, so it has to wait

In the meantime,  I have a stack of used envelopes, torn sheets of paper, the stray receipt, etc. with my notes written on them.  It is not satisfying.  It is not efficient and I’m going to forget something important with this system.

The good news?  My WiFi comes and goes.  Right now, it is working so I can print.  This is a good thing.  I had a bunch of stuff I needed to print.

Day 24 of how many?  This is getting old.

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